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Microsoft decides to cut features in upcoming Longhorn
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Date: 04-13-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: IT Computing
Manufacturer: Microsoft

As everyone knows Microsoft is planning to release its next version of operating system, codenamed Longhorn, in 2006. Longhorn is a long-awaited product with many changes that will benefit end-users.

TechNewsWorld, a technology website, states that Microsoft will cut numerous features from it's upcoming version of Longhorn due to time constraints. Microsoft will cut down on features to improve the quality of the product, implies the site.

The software giant will make Security its main focus in the operating system while cutting down on the extras that are now secondary features for Microsoft, according to TechNewsWorld. The market analysts are not worried about Microsoft's feature reduction move due to Microsoft's main focus on Security in the new operating system and the high-quality of the final product that the company is striving for.

All-in-all this will be good for end-users no matter what. It's nice to see Microsoft's determination on Security at this point for its users.


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