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GDDR4 memory standard on the horizon
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Date: 05-05-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Memory
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GDDR3 memory is currently being used by ATi and Nvidia for their high-end graphics cards. Samsung is the only company manufacturing these high-end memory modules for it's graphics partners. Recently we covered a report that stated Samsung's future plans for the GDDR3 standard by the end of this year.

According to sources at Xbit Labs, the GDDR4 memory standard is on the horizon. The technology is currently under development and is expected to debut by the end of this year. It will quickly replace the GDDR3 memory standards currently being used on the next generation video cards.

Interestingly, GDDR3 memory is not the standard at this point. It is expected that ATi and Nvidia will use the GDDR3 memory on its mainstream as well as high-end cards by the end of this year. The GDDR3 memory is, however, being used on the current high-end cards from Nvidia and ATi.

Manufacturers are interested in using the GDDR3 as it will enhance the performance of the graphics cards with its enhancing features from the GDDR2 memory standard.

Just like any other new standard, the GDDR4 memory will evolve from the unpopular GDDR3 memory. Currently the developers of the GDDR4 will bump the clock speeds up to 1.40Ghz as opposed to 1.0Ghz of the GDDR3 modules.

The development is lead by JEDEC, ATi, and Nvidia, according to Xbit Labs.


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