Date: 03-22-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Memory
Manufacturer: OCZ

OCZ is one name that no enthusiast can forget or shouldn't forget. After all, OCZ is one of the leading memory manufacturers who truly targets the enthusiasts with super fast memory modules. Memory is the key to any system and us enthusiasts are looking for something beyond the value RAM's approach. Value RAM is good for pre-manufactured systems from companies like Dell and HP. We are looking for something that goes above and beyond its specifications. OCZ's sole purpose is to cater us, the enthusiasts.

Recently, OCZ along with Corsair announed their DDR550 memory. It is currently the fastest DDR "I" memory you can purchase. Today we will be taking a look at OCZ's PC4400 or DDR550 RAM. Obviously the DDR550 memory modules are fast but how fast? Read on to find out our conclusion of this lightning speed wonder.




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