Date: 11-06-03
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Reviews/Audio
Product: Zalman 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones
Manufacturer: Zalman
Price: ~$49.99


Zalman has been creating high quality products for a long time. They have specialized themselves in the cooling market and are quite established. Their goal is to target the performance enthusiast market while still establishing their high standards. We decided to include Zalman’s history below for more information regarding the company and their on-goings.

We, Zalman Tech Co., Ltd., are thankful to those of you who have bought our Noise Prevention products and computers, as well as all the netizens who are visiting our website. It is a pleasure to serve you.

If we were to fully utilize computers' many functions such as communications, office productivity, and multimedia, our life will be much more comfortable and enriched. But if that were to be achieved, the computer must first become more user friendly.

Despite the fact that computers have become commonplace at home and at workplaces for a long time, true user friendliness of the computers are still a long shot. At Zalman Tech, we strive to make that goal a closer reality through extensive research and development of our products. We were the world first in reducing computer's noise down to lower than 20dB, thus creating a more user friendly computing environment. Now you can use a computer without distracting noise and also form high fidelity audio system or home theatre without ambient noise with one. Zalman Tech will continue to put efforts to creating more enhanced levels of user friendliness in computing; we believe we have sufficient ability and determination. Your support and interest is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Surround Sound is getting very popular these days. Many of us have seen 5.1 Surround Sound headphones online or at retail stores BUT are they worth the money? To find out the performance levels with 5.1 complaint headphones, we decided to review Zalman’s famous 5.1 ZM-RS6F headphones today. Read on and find out how we liked them.




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