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Logitech Cordless Express Duo
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Date: 05-07-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Peripherals
Manufacturer: Logitech

There is a market for wireless keyboards and mice for budget-minded users. Wireless connectivity is the future of many products. Every manufacturer is looking to develop something unique that is affordable as well as useful. Logitech is a well-known brand when it comes to speakers, keyboards, mice, keyboard and mice duos, and other products. They have always impressed us with their quality. Unfortunately, Logitech is too expensive for budget-minded consumers.

Logitech found a solution to this problem and recently introduced their affordable cordless mice and the product we are examining today - Logitech Cordless Express Duo. The Logitech Cordless Express Duo will be an addition to their already extended keyboard and mice duo series. How does this duo performs? Is it recommendable? Read on and find out...


This time the product guide is not included in the package. Other accessories include - an installation guide, an iTouch software, and four AA batteries for the keyboard and the mouse.

While installing this duo is fairly simple, it is nice to have an installtion guide. The installation is easy to follow and understand. Each diagram is followed by an explanation. The iTouch software is a great addition to the package. It is Logitech's proprietary software that lets the user program the keyboard as well as the mouse. The software is very stable and useful. With iTouch the user can control almost every aspect of the keyboard and the mouse. You will be able to program specific buttons on the keyboard as well as the mouse.

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