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Logitech MX510 Optical Mouse
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Date: 05-12-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Peripherals
Manufacturer: Logitech

There are plethora of computer mice in the market. Which one should you purchase? This is a difficult question to answer. Choosing a computer mouse depends on your likings and your needs. A gamer would try to get the top of the line mouse to improve their gaming while someone who only checks his/her email may not want the best mouse in the market. Then comes the size factor and the features you are looking for. There are mice with eight programmable buttons and there are mice with two buttons. Someone with small hands wouldn't want to buy the biggest mouse and someone with small hands wouldn't want to buy the smallest mouse. It's all about preferences.

Logitech is known for their top of the line mice. They are famous amongst gamers and enthusiasts. Logitech's MX line of mice are a huge hit in the market. The MX500, MX700, and MX900 all use Logitech's proprietary optical engine to enhance the performance. All of the above stated models are very expensive to say the least. To solve the problem and to make their mice a little more affordable, they released the MX510, wired counterpart to the MX500. How does this mouse compare to the MX500? Read on and find out...


The package contains Mouseware CD, Quick Start Guide, and the popular 20% savings product guide. The quick start guide is very easy to understand and follow. As always, there are pictures along with descriptions to make the installation process easier.

The Mouseware software is something that Logitech's keyboards, mice, and duos use for functionality. The mouse doesn't require drivers to operate. It's a simple plug-and-play device. The CD allows the user to program the buttons on the mouse. By default the buttons are set to various tasks in Internet Explorer. The software is stable and easy to use.


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