Date: 02-29-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Reviews/Peripherals
Manufacturer: Logitech

Earlier this week, we published our review of the Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo and found some performance issues with the keyboard. You may read our in-depth review of the duo HERE. To recap, we have decided to paste the performance part of the review below:

First of all, the receiver must to be placed right in front of the keyboard to work properly. This can't be said for the mouse though. Slightly moving the keyboard to the left or right of the receiver we started to notice the unresponsiveness of the keyboard. We could go as far as 12ft without having any problems but we encountered the same unresponsiveness when we moved the keyboard left or right of the receiver. The mouse worked perfectly throughout our testing. We think this is a serious flaw in the keyboard and hopefully, Logitech can fix it in the future revisions of this product.

After publishing the review, we received an email from Logitech stating that they were concerned about the performance issues we had with the keyboard. According to Logitech, the keyboard should function normally within a 6ft circumference. Obviously, we couldn't alter the review based on their claims or the email we received from them. Logitech was well aware of that so they offered to send us another unit of the Logitech Navigator Cordless Duo for further testing.

We tested our newly received unit the same way we tested our old one and surprisingly, the results were very different. The performance of the mouse was the same but the keyboard performance astounded us. The keyboard performed flawlessly within a 6ft circumference and even a little further. This meant that our previous sample indeed had some problems with the keyboard.



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