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Modification of the Radeon X800 Pro not possible
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Date: 04-15-04
Author: Saud Hakim
Category: Video
Manufacturer: ATi
Graphic card enthusiasts are looking forward to make the RADEON X800 XT with 16 pipes out of RADEON X800 PRO with 12 pipes.

The New ATI RADEON X800 PRO and ATI RADEON X800 XT graphics cards are based on the same R420 chip, but with different number of pixel pipelines enabled. The RADEON X800 PRO features 12 pixel pipelines with 6 geometry pipelines and is clocked at 475MHz. The RADEON X800 XT features 16 pixel pipelines with 6 geometry pipelines and is clocked at 520MHz.

In order to meet the demand ATI Technologies added a capability to disable defective rendering pipelines without it affecting the operating process of the chip negatively. These products are sold at a relatively cheaper price and offer decent performance. They are very popular with budget gamers. The firm disables the rendering pipelines on fully-functional graphics processors so to fulfill the demand. This is exploited by hardcore enthusiasts.

To set the additional pipes at work, a number of techniques can be tried, like
installation of certain software or re-soldering certain resistors on the graphics processor. While not all graphics cards allow such modification, power-users usually try to play the lottery.

Many enthusiasts have tried there hand at hitting the jackpot but with no luck it seems. At this point there are no confirmed reports of anyone being able to enable the disabled pipelines, reports Xbit Labs.

ATI might have done something that prohibits the possibility to modify the VPUs into more powerful ones. In the past two years ATI Technology unveiled two graphics processors that allowed re-enabling of 4 pixel pipelines and ending up with a much powerful VPU with 8 rendering pipelines. Can The RADEON X800 PRO be converted into the RADEON X800 XT? Only time will answer that question.


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