Date: 12-07-03
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Reviews/Video Cards
Product: PowerColor 9200SE
Manufacturer: PowerColor
Price: ~$50.00

PowerColor has been making video cards for a long time now and they seemed to have captured the hearts of many gamers and enthusiasts. Only basing their cards on ATI’s GPUs, PowerColor is keeping up with its competitors in the market. This is a good time for ATI GPU based manufacturers esp. when ATI has managed to gain lead against Nvidia.


Packaging was done very professionally on the 9200SE package. The box has very vibrant colors and images. PowerColor logo is printed vertically on the package while the “Radeon 9200” is printed horizontally. ATI logo is printed on the side and on the back of the package. You will also find specifications of the 9200SE on the back.

Packaging on the inside was done just as well as it was on the outside. The card itself was packed in a static protective bag. PowerColor also made a column for the card to prevent it from moving inside the actual box. Underneath the card, you will find the Manual, Driver CD, and cables.




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